Do you want to paticipate? There are many ways to participate in GBPSC, from a local club level all the way to national level. The easiest and best way to get started is find a local gel blaster club that is affiliated with GBPSC. Inidvidual clubs will have their own participation and membership requirements out of the control of GBPSC, so please talk to your local club first to confirm details with them. Once you have organised with a local club, you can participate in local level GBPSC events and training days. To participate in events at state or national level, including some higher level local level events, attendees will have to complete a “grey card” course. This course ensures the competitor is knowledgable and safe in the handling of gel blasters in a competitive setting. More info on grey cards and the course to obtain them will be available soon. You can find a list of GBPSC affiliated clubs here.
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