Individual membership applications may be submitted by completing the form below. Completion of this form does not guarantee membership, your application will go for review by the GBPSC organisational board, and a decision will be made to accept or deny membership applications based on multiple factors. Potential factors that could lead to a denied application are: Criminal history(violent crimes), multiple disqualifications across GBPSC open days(dependant on severity of rules broken) or having received a permanent ban from GBPSC events. After a decision has been made regarding your application and the application is accepted, you will be notified by email. At this time the yearly membership fee becomes payable(membership payment may be reduced at this time dependant on how far into the finincial year you apply. This only applies to initial applications, not membership renewals). Payment of membership fees must be made within 30 days of the confirmation email. All membership renewals will be due for payment 1st June of each year, with payment accepted no later than 30th June every year. Membership fees (as of January 2023): New members: $80/year Member renewal: $80/year
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