Welcome to the home of Australian GBPSC. GBPSC Australia is one of the newest organisations at the forefront of practical gel blaster competition in Australia.
So what is Gel Blaster Practical Shooting? Gel blaster practical shooting is a fast growing sport in Australia, with competitions being held at local, state and national levels. The sport of practical gel blaster shooting is different to most other gel blaster competitive events. In other forms, competitions and tournaments are run in a SpeedSoft/SpeedQB or other similar style, or large scale milsim events with multiple objectives. Practical shooting provides a place for competitors to hone their skills, with a clearly defined target to shoot at, with accuracy and speed being equally important. The rules surrounding target engagement are much more specific, therefore challenging competitors with varying engagement rules throught events while still maintaining a consistent overall set of engagement rules. This allows competitors to practice for competition in an environment that can be replicated without the need for large amounts of land or other potential restictions. In practical competition, a variety of target types are used (stationary, moving, scoring targets and penalty targets). There is not always a set way these targets are arranged, nor how many targets are used in a single match. A competition organiser creates a number of “stages” (conforming to a set of GBPSC design rules), each using different numbers and arrangements of targets, to create a shooting challenge that competitors have to solve as accurately and as rapidly as possible. What’s the difference from other Gel Blaster competitions? The 2 main differences from other gel blaster competition events are the way the competition is structured, and how scores are calculated. In SpeedQB/SpeedSoft and milsim events, the structure of competition is either the first team to eliminate the other team, the first team toreach an objective without being hit, or in the case of milsim, complete a set of objectives in a scenario. In GBPSC, competitors are presented with multiple targets in a stage in different configurations and with different rules of engagement, that the competitor must work out the best method of engaging the targets as fast and as accurately as possible. Scoring varies between Speedsoft and milsim events dependant on the specific event type, however this does not allow much flexibility in the approach of the competitor to as to how to solve the problem, often coming down to who can run to the objective the fastest. GBPSC encourages speed during a course of fire, but accuracy is of equal importance, therefore the competitor must carefully calculate their approach to the set targets in each stage.
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